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Gorham, NH

The locals affectionately call the northern arm of Pine Mountain "Bill Hill" after a local who spent some time in them thar hills.  This is the summertime play zone of the Coos Cycling Club, which have built some impressive mountain/fat bike trails throughout this terrain, including "For Pete's Sake" which is the track to follow to head into the zone.  Due to its north-facing aspect, Bill Hill often holds snow long after storms (unless the locals get to it first!).  The area was logged and the tree canopy is not significant - but for quick access and good skiing Bill Hill delivers!

TOUR: lunchtime lap
PARKING: Skiers may park on Bellevue Road after the road turns to dirt and prior to snowmobile crossing.  Please park respectfully.
OVERFLOW PARKING: park across the street (Rt. 16) at Vashaws and buy a beer.
MAP: Coming soon!