Purchase and frame this print at  Vintage frameworks  in North conway!

Purchase and frame this print at Vintage frameworks in North conway!

Randolph, NH

Neatly situated in the 10,000 acre Randolph Community Forest, the Crescent Ridge Glade is designed to appeal to all abilities providing a little something for everyone, including stunning views of the northern Presidential Range of the White Mountain National Forest

There are five glade lines in the upper pitch of the zone, all of which vary in design but generally contain a mellow slope angle then quickly dropping in the range of 30-35 degrees for approximately 200-300 vertical feet.   Each glade line deposits the skier into a large open hardwood glade. This middle section is approximately 20-25 degrees and extends an additional 300 vertical feet with a variety of features to keep even the most expert of skiers entertained.  The lower section contains a tree-less wildlife area at 10-15 degrees and it is here one becomes distracted by the delightful views of the northern Presidentials.  The skier can either ski through the wildlife area back over the nordic trails to the point of beginning following blue blazes.

TOUR: Moderate with challenging features
PARKING: Randolph Hill Road (lot at the END of the road)
ELEVATION: Starting: 2,000; Ending 3,000
MAPS: Download OR Avenza Maps

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