Granite Council members are at the top of their game. Our esteemed GC members are deeply experienced in all things backcountry – whether in a profession, skill or role. We are fortunate to tap into their knowledge base to navigate the twists and turns associated with pursuing our mission and goals. If you have industry experience and would like to participate on the Granite Council, please contact us at and let us know who you are!

Jim Surrette – Granite Films

Doug Mayer – Run the Alps

Helon Hoffer – USFS/Androscoggin District

Breanne Torrey – Jackson X-C Ski Touring

Howie Wemyss – Great Glen Trails / Mt. Washington Auto Road

Jason Hunter – Coos Cycling Club

Peter Nelson – Friends of Tuckerman Ravine

Mason Irish – Saco River Brewing Company

William Abbott – Upper Saco Valley Land Trust

Valerio Viti – AMC (chair of ski committee)

Rick Boyle – Bretton Woods Ski Patrol

Chris Carleton Allspeed Cyclery & Snow

Ben Wilcox – Cranmore Mountain Resort

Kevin "Mountain Goat" Tilton – HEB Engineers

Ian Ferguson – Editor/Publisher Wild Northeast

Ethan Lemieux – RN, Memorial Hospital

Amy Kelsey - Executive Director, Catamount Trail Association

David Goodman - Author (Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast)

Angust McCusker / Zac Freeman - Rochester Area Sports Trails Alliance (RASTA)