Madison | hypnosis glade

Project Type: Glade
Status: Approved
Level: Private
Location: Madison, NH
Ability Level:  Entry, Lunch Lap
Aspect: Northwest, East
Vertical Drop: 300-400 feet
Glade Chief:  Drew Zimber
GBA Team: Drew Zimber, Andrew Drummond, Tyler Ray

Proposed Glade Zone:  Another "lunch lap" zone, GBA is excited to expand its outreach down to Madison, NH.  Hypnosis Glades (which easily wins best GBA glade name), rests behind the White Mountain Hypnosis Center in Madison, NH and contains a variety of trails for recreationalists courtesy of the owners Mike and Penny Hathaway.   This year will be a test year as GBA will see how the area skis, holds snow, and how many users come into play. In the summer and fall of 2018, glading work will commence under the direction of Glade Chief Drew Zimber. 

Description.   There are a series of hiking trails and fields on the property, they are narrow but several can be skied.  The area is best used with backcountry cross-country skis or other lightweight gear, but it also contains several areas that would give even a high performer some smiles.  

Parking.  There is a dedicated parking lot at Hypnosis with signs indicating same.  Please respect all parking and act responsibly as there are various user groups enjoying this property. 

Status.  The Hypnosis Glade has been approved by the owners.  Together with GBA, an initial maintenance plan is in development to steward the property in a way to separate the various users in the zone.  

Next Steps.  Blaze existing skiable terrain in winter 2018.  Initial area maintenance event in summer 2018.



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