Our PDF maps are designed to be loaded directly into the free Avenza map app available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Please download and install the app first before you attempt to load the maps.

Most of the Glade Zone pages give you the option to download the map directly or grab it from the Avenza store. We are working to get these online as quickly as possible.

In a web browser on your mobile device, navigate to one of the Glade Zone web pages.

Direct Download

1) Tap on the Download link. It will load the map into your browser from Google Drive.

2) In the upper right hand corner, tap on the Three Dots and then Open In.

3) You mobile device should present you with the option to Copy to Avenza Maps. Tap on this.

Map should automatically load into the app.

Avenza Map Store

1) Tap on the Avenza Maps link. It will load the map page within the store.

2) Tap on Get this Map. The store will ask you to Open the app and Install the map.

Map should automatically load into the app.

Please Note: You also have the option within the app to search the entire Avenza Store by keyword.