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Chatham, NH

Intrepid backcountry skiers have long been drawn to the Cold River Valley to explore the nearly 4 miles of open ledge alpine terrain of the Baldfaces (North, South & Knob). Situated in the northeast corner of the White Mountain National Forest basically on the Maine/New Hampshire state line, skiers now have a gladed 2,500 vertical drop exit back to the car after a day or more of touring. The abundance of natural wilderness skiing on South Baldface and the Knob make this a highly attractive yet difficult zone. Despite the alpine challenges, there is much to be had for all in the glades, which turn from steep in the upper elevations to mellow cruisers midway and out.

The best way to ski Baldface is to use the traverse cut into the glades (at 2400 elevation) from Slippery Brook Trail (SBT), the intended skin track (maintained by Chatham Trails Association). You can take that into the glades and inspect the slab zone and boot up if you so choose or retrace your steps back to SBT and climb up to the Knob to drop in. From the Knob extend your day and go explore South Baldface for more wilderness skiing. At the Knob’s bottom, the glade entrance is at or around 2500 elevation on skiers right. Reflective blue blazes will lead the way. Be sure to visit Stow Corner Store and let them know where you were!

TOUR: Lollipop tour
PARKING: Baldface Circle Trail (Rt. 113)
SHELTER: Baldface Circle Trail (see map)
ELEVATION: Starting 500; Ending 3,000
VERTICAL DROP: 2500 from top of Knob
MAP: Download OR Avenza Maps

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