Terrain Management and Stewardship. Granite BC will seek partners to provide access to property with permission to glade favorable terrain with beneficial aspects and elevation.  Granite BC will steward properties in conjunction with the intent of the land manager and be responsible for monitoring the terrain for compliance.

Partnerships and Collaboration.  Granite BC will partner with nearly everyone, including but not limited to, individuals, entities or informal groups – our plan is reliant upon the principle of power in numbers.  We will seek collaboration with land projects and support other groups that align with Granite BC’s interests. 

Community and Education. Creating an educated culture of backcountry skiers and riders is important to maintain access to public and private land, create safe recreational environments, and increase interaction and communication amongst skiers and riders.  By focusing on the social side of backcountry skiing, we hope to foster an inviting community that shares its knowledge with each other. 

Safety. Inherent risks are abound in backcountry skiing. Accidents happen.  We want to encourage well-prepared skiers to expect the unexpected.  We will partner with groups and industry professionals to provide clinics, seminars and tutorials on best practices in the high alpine environment. 

Advocacy.  Granite BC strives to represent the interests of backcountry skiers and riders.  Representation is not just in what you may see publicly, such as our efforts to expand terrain, but also what happens behind closed doors.  Getting a seat at the table.  Making backcountry experiences count. We are in this together and want to have a unified voice that represents the interests of the user group at-large.