Mount Prospect Glade Poster.jpg

Lancaster, NH

Mount Prospect resides inside the State of New Hampshire's Weeks State Park, a glorious recreational haven for all types of activities. The park is named for John Wingate Weeks, the Lancaster born U.S. Senator, whose most notable accomplishment was the passage of the Weeks Act in 1911 authorizing the National Forests. In winter, Mount Prospect shines brightly as it offers community residents and visitors wonderful options to explore the snow either by the community run Mount Prospect Ski Club or the glade skiing options.

Four glade lines were developed in 2018 from the summit, all of which drop in on exciting terrain and flow into the existing ski tow footprint for rides of 700 vertical feet. Bring the whole family and step back in time to experience how skiing used to be. Leave Dad with the kids and skin to to the summit to check out the stone tower and ski down to have hot chocolate in the Ski Tow’s yurt. Donations are encouraged to keep the Ski Tow up and running ($7).

TOUR: Mix of community based skiing/touring
PARKING: Rt. 3, Prospect St, Lancaster, NH 03584
ELEVATION: start 1300; end 2000
SHELTER: yurt (not for overnight)
MAPS: COMING SOON! (Below is concept plan)

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