Pine Mountain | bill hill glade

Project Type: Glade
Status: Approved
Level: Private
Location: Gorham, NH
Ability Level: Advanced, Intermediate, Entry
Aspect: North
Vertical Drop: 600 feet
Glade Chief:  Jason Hunter
GBA Team: Jason Hunter, Kara Hunter, David Salisbury, Tyler Ray, Colin Wroblewski, Ben Cargill, Brian Behr, Keith Killian, Amy Ricci
Partners: Gorham Land Company, Inc., Coos Cycling Club
Hours Invested: 150

Glade Zone:  The locals affectionately call the northern arm of Pine Mountain "Bill Hill", after a local who spent some time in them thar hills.  The ski zone is on the other side of the Gorham Airport off of Bellevue Road in downtown Gorham.  This is the summertime play zone of the Coos Cycling Club, which have built some impressive trails throughout this terrain.  As skiers are generally riders, the transition to winter is now made seamless. GBA is excited to introduce this north-facing glade in 2018 as a fine alternative to other  "lunchtime glades" as it often holds snow long after storms (unless the locals get to it first!).  The area was recently logged and the tree canopy is not significant - but for quick access and good skiing Bill Hill delivers!

Description of Bill Hill Glade.  Atop the ridgeline of Bill Hill there are several obvious openings for which to choose your own adventure.  The zone is a perfect alternative to Crescent Ridge Glade or the commotion of Pinkham Notch.  The common method of skiing is by "laps" once the steeper section mellows and the old logging roads merge.  As a result of logging, the trees are young and skinny and are tightly spaced, so be prepared to glade ski like a slalom specialist.  A skintrack generally develops to return to the top; if you are first to the area simply turn back the way you came and ascend looker's right up the old forest road.  Your final run is a fun and flowy surf through the old logging trails back to the main snowmobile areas for which you must then skate-ski to the car (beware of incoming snowmobile traffic). 

Parking: Traditionally, bikers and skiers have parked at the Gorham Water Supply Pumphouse. Confirmation of this access is under review. 

Access.  Access to the glade is by following the snowmobile track across the northern tip of the airport landing strip (past the brick town water supply pumphouse).  The skintrack then traverses another opening field (dominated by snowmobiles) and then enters the woods.  From there, a short right hand turn delivers you to the bottom run-out.  You may skin up the old forest roads and find your line once you gain the ridge. 

Status.  Landowner approval is secured however parking remains an ongoing open item as traditionally bikers and skiers have parked at the Gorham Water Supply Pumphouse. 

Future Glade Expansion. GBA and CCC will combine forces again this fall with additional work days to advance the glade area of Bill Hill.   


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