Madison | hypnosis glade

Project Type: Glade
Status: Approved Pending Walk-Through
Level: Private
Location: Madison, NH
Ability Level:  Entry, Family
Aspect: North
Vertical Drop: 300-400 feet
Glade Chief:  Drew Zimber
GBA Team: Drew Zimber, Andrew Drummond, Tyler Ray

Proposed Glade Zone:  Without question, we are most fond of Hypnosis Glade as our favorite glade name.  It rests behind the White Mountain Hypnosis Center in Madison, NH and contains a variety of trails for recreationalists courtesy of the owners Mike and Penny Hathaway. 

Description of Hypnosis Glade.  

Status.  The Hypnosis Glade is pending a final walk-through and approval by the owners.  

Work Weekend. GBA may schedule a glade day for Hypnosis this fall.  Stay tuned!



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