Initial concept plan 

Initial concept plan 

BALDFACE | Slippery Brook Glade

Project Type
: Glade
Status: Preliminary Approval
Level: Federal (USFS)
Location: Chatham, NH
Ability Level: Advanced, Intermediate
Aspect: East
Vertical Drop: 2,500 top to bottom
Glade Chief: Steve Dupuis
GBA Team: Steve Dupuis, Mason Irish, Ryan Albert
Partners: WMNF, Chatham Trails Association

Status. The White Mountain National Forest (Saco District) officially approved the Baldface Mountain glade project on March 30, 2018.

South Baldface Project.   The importance of this project in relation to GBA's strategic plan is to deliver on GBA's objective to create new backcountry skiing opportunities for skiers and riders.  Although intrepid skiers have been schussing Baldface Knob for many years, much of what the eye can see below the Knob was mere potential.  Now the opportunity to ski from alpine snowfields into glades has arrived.  Located almost directly on the state line separating Chatham, New Hampshire and Stow, Maine, this venue should be a big draw for Maine skiers and will offer terrain for a variety of ability levels. The zone will be designed as a multi-zone playground with each section delivering different terrain options. 

Slippery Brook Glade.  The initial proposed area of interest is at or around what is known as Baldface Knob, a treeless sub-peak of South Baldface that contains steep alpine snowfields. The ski lines off the Knob will run approximately 500 vertical feet into another 500-700 vertical of glade skiing.  The area can be lap skied by taking catch trails back to the skintrack or continue the descent to the next section. the summit snowfields varies upon year, but is generally over 2,000 vertical feet from top to bottom.   

Timeline.  Glading will commence in September, 2018.  Glade scheduling currently under review in coordination with GBA and WMNF.  Stay tuned!

Fun Stats: 

  • 2500 vert from summit to car including run out
  • 500- 800 vert on the rock slab.  Lots of natural skiing out of the project zone as well.
  • 1000-1200 vert continuous including rock slab
  • 500 vert lap zone in the lower area for intermediate folks that can be accessed from below or above
  • 1800 skiable vert on the slippery brook trail
  • potential for 600-700 vert in future area
  • 12-15 runs total = +- 10,000 - 12,000 total vert